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Have you winterized your car? Having engine or auto problems? Or need some reference on what might be wrong with your automobile. Download our free resource guide and troubleshoot any troubles you might be having. S And L Motor Service in Scranton, PA gives free estimates on car problems. You can bring your car into our location in downtown Scranton or download this free resource guide that lists common car troubles that often plague automobiles.

Serving PA Since 1946

Complete Automotive Engine Rebuilding, Antique Cars Restoration, Engine Repair and Rebuilds, As well as General Automobile Repair.

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All Auto Needs

Complete automotive repairs, engine rebuilding, antique and classic auto restoration. Oil changes, brakes, and general automotive maintainance.

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Saves You Time

Using our local auto repair shop saves you time and gets the job done. No need to wait a long time for auto repair or maintenance. We provide timely repairs at a reasonable cost.

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Full Auto Service

Serving Pennsylvania since 1946

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